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Air Conditioning services

Anti-Bacterial service/fumigation 

  • Bacteria builds up in the damp air conditioning system and can even carry Legionnaires' disease.  It also causes bad smells.  We recommend this treatment is carried out at the start of every season and ideally in the midst of the summer or if any bad smells are noticed when the a/c is first switched on.  The treatment pumps an anti-bacterial vapour round the car and through the heating and air conditioning system to kill bacteria.  This is usually a same day service. Interestingly similar bacteria build up in the screenwash bottle so we treat that at the same time as part of the service.


Air Conditioning Re-Gas service 

  • This sucks out any remaining refrigerant gas from the system, vacuum's it dry and injects the correct amount of gas and oil.  Gas gradually leaks out the system so this restores full effeciency as well as getting a broken system working if the cause was just slightly low gas pressure.


  • Air Conditioning leak repair, UV leak detect, nitrogen pressurisation system testing and componant replacment (e.g. compressor or condensor radiator).

  • Quotes given for componant repair, leak testing and finding.

  • Give us a call and we can get your broken a/c working again!

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