Car Diagnostics in Nottingham

We also offer specialist diagnostic services.  If you can't get to our garage, we can arrange recovery

DPF regeneration service 

We offer a specialist service where we carry out 'forced' regeneration.  This is where the car has not been able, usually because of being driven in town, to regenerate the particle filter.  The filter light has now come on the dash, you may be in low power 'limp' mode and with other warning lights on.  The  car will now not attempt a regeneration without a technician forcing it to with dealer level diagnostic software.  We can do this service on many vehicles including Peugeot, Vauxhall and VW Audi Seat Skoda. This also includes an additive pack to help the soot burn off.  Please note this is for overly blocked but otherwise healthy systems, if you have a fault with the system or your engine is sooting it up or simply your DPF filter is too old and easily blocks you need a repair, replacement.


We can carry out at mastertech level diagnostic and repair to wiring, loom, CANBUS, lighting, heaters etc as well as immobilser, key and ECU problems.  Prices on a case by case basis.